2019 Wedding Trends

Ceiling Foral Work

Ceiling Work is where it’s at – from hanging chandeliers, and creative shapes to full ceiling scapes. You will surely wow your guest with this custom LUXE look at your wedding.

Uniquely You Flower Selections

It is the year to be uniquely you down to the last bloom. Bring in style with not your everyday flower selection to give a textured beauty to your overall design.

Green is In

Greenery, Greenery, Greenery and oh yes Greenery is holding strong for 2019. Explore nontraditional greens and tropical leaves to add a personal flare for your look.

Posey Style Bouquets

We love big bouquets that make a statement but there is another voice speaking up for the Posey style smaller bouquet for not only bridesmaids but the Bride as well.

New Color Trends

Color is on the climb as soft lavenders and plum purple hues compete to replace some blush undertones. Who could ignore that Burgundy is the new top color for any time of year. We are even seeing a new look for the classic Whites and greens with new nude tone blooms coming to light from growers.

Go Local! 

In this trending customized world we live in flowers are no exception and the best place to find these one of a kind colors and blooms can be found at the local flower farms. Since the same rose variety can change color variations several times throughout the year, depending on sunlight, temperature and soil, you can truly get a one of a kind gorgeous flower by shopping local.

Be Uniquely You

Last, the best trend to follow is to be yourself and make your special day becoming MRS. A perfect fit for you and your hubby to be.