Carnations – The Flower of Love

Delicately scented, frilly as a tutu, and available in every shade imaginable, carnations – the world’s most underrated blooms- are taking back their rightful place, as a flower not to be missed, one petal at a time.

And why not?

After all, the carnation is one of the most versatile flower choices, thanks to its durability, as well as its availability in almost every color and size.

Carnation Simple Bridal bouquet
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Believed to be one of the world’s oldest cultivars, the carnation is historically rich, with meaning and symbolism dating as far back as ancient Greece. Its scientific name – Dianthus – loosely translates to ‘Flower of Love’, or “Flower of the Gods”.  Carnations were commonly used in Greek ceremonial crowns, and is tied into legends dating back 2000 years.


Photo: Sierra Flower Finder
Photo: Pinterest

Although the original varieties were available in only pink, red  and white, today’s carnations come in hundreds of shades – from pure white, to purple, yellow, tans, black and even various multi-color mixes.

Photo: Sierra Flower Finder


Carnations can also be an affordable option if you’re operating on a tight budget, with many varieties and colors available for a relatively low cost. Of course, although many varieties of carnation are inexpensive, some of the new varieties sporting specialty colors, and extra frill, are definitely a luxury item!

Photo: Martha Stewart


Carnations are a perfect choice to include in your bridal bouquet, bouts and centerpieces. The blooms are not only stunning, but again durable and able to outlasting most other flowers.  They also dry well, keeping their color and form, making them a perfect choice for wedding keepsakes if you are so inclined.

Photo: Sierra Flower Finder

Many rare, vintage colored carnations have recently been added to this amazing floral masterpiece, many are seldom, if ever, seen in any other floral varieties, and can lend a sophisticated vintage air to your entire event.

Carnation Bridal Bouquet
Photo: Martha Stewart

With lace-colored petals gracing your bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres – you’ll wonder why carnations were ever considered filler flowers!

Other Uses for Carnations

Carnation Curtain
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Carnations are also perfect for use in floral dividers, curtains, and hanging floral chandeliers. The bright colors, large surface area and long lasting ability mean they will not only stay looking beautiful, bright and stunning, but also make a statement out of the gate and throughout your entire event, unlike many other flowers that would soon wilt or brown.

Carnations are definitely making a comeback in the wedding, and floral décor world! These often overlooked, and underrated flowers are making a long overdue revival, and for good reason! One of the oldest cultivars, these stunners are not only inexpensive and durable, but are also available in hundreds of rare, vibrant colors!  It’s no wonder they have been called the ‘Flower of the Gods’.


Carnation Wedding Centerpiece
Photo Cred: Martha Stewart