Let’s Talk Foliage – Wedding Foliage Trends in 2017

Lush greenery and a wide variety in foliage are one of 2017’s wedding trends we can’t get enough of! With so many stunning varieties available, providing a huge range of textures, colors, configurations and looks – this trend is one we hope is here to stay! Check out some of the up and coming wedding greenery looks, trends and uses that are taking the wedding world by storm in 2017.

Let’s talk greens! Get to know your wedding foliage

Before we get into some of the unique and breathtaking ways you can use foliage in your wedding décor, let’s talk leaves – after all, that’s what it’s all about!

Photo Courtesy of Amelia Johnson

Strong architectural leaves – think silver dollar eucalyptus, Salal, and Magnolia – are some of the most popular foliage options, and a growing trend this year. Their attention-grabbing size, strong lines, and rich colors add a modern touch to other popular styles, such as vintage and garden style floral décor.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Tropical looking foliage, particularly a wide variety of ferns or leaves with fern-link textures, are also big in 2017 – their wispy, soft look adding a feminine air, softening the harsher edges of larger leaves and foliage.

Fern wedding foliate
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Vine-like foliage – such as smilax – are another big player in the greenery game changer! Smilax boasts a stunning rich green color, with smooth shiny leaves, in an artistically perfect leaf arrangement – making it a natural favorite for garlands, climbing wall’s, wreaths, and runners!

Smilax Wedding Chair Decor
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Macon Florist - Julie Dominy
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macon floris - bohemian woodland florals

Foliage Wreaths

Wedding Wreath Inspiration
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It’s no joke – wedding wreaths are blowing up this year, with everything from delicate wreaths floating in air, to oversized picture frames (and everything in between) featured in weddings all over the country – and with good reason!

Romantic Wedding Wreath Ideas
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Wedding Wreath - Macon Florist
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These show-stoppers are not only timeless, but lend that hard-earned and timeless effort of elegance to your wedding décor in the moment and forever in your pictures.

Wreaths can be used as table centerpieces, wall hangings, chair backs, or even as a standalone ceremony design features for an unforgettable backdrop!

Wedding Garlands  Macon Florist

Wedding Foliage - Macon Florist
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Garlands in all shapes, sizes, configurations and placements are not only extremely popular, but absolutely stunning! Although most commonly used as centerpieces for the dining area, garlands really have so much more to offer – and brides are figuring that out as well.

Delicately draped on the Bride and Grooms chairs, lining the aisle, hanging over head a ceremony, complementing draped lines or effortlessly draped over the entrance – these beautiful foliage features are easily adapted to a variety of looks and styles, from vintage, to bohemian or modern.

Macon Wedding Florist - Garlands
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A seeded eucalyptus runner makes a minimalistic, elegant décor option for your dining area.

Eucalyptus Table Runner - Wedding Florist

If you’re going for a vintage floral look, try a garland with a variety of textured foliage, interspersed with floral classics, designers can create a stunning shabby chic, or vintage look.

Macon Florist - Wedding Garlands
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Going for a Bohemian Forest feel? Try a mix of textures, greens, berries, and seed pods – the possibilities are literally endless!

Wedding Foliage – Indoor Wall Climbing Greenery

Another stunning foliage trend is bringing the outdoors in, and wall climbing foliage is one amazing way to do just that! Whether you feature a full wall of green, or spots of greenery magically sprouting at intervals, this feature will be one for the books!

Climbing Wall Foliage Wedding Florist
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Mimicking climbing vines, this look is perfect for brides who would love an outdoor wedding, but aren’t too keen on trusting Mother Nature to be kind.

Hanging Tablescapes – Wedding Foliage Décor

Hanging tablescapes are another wedding greenery trend that is hard not to love! These elaborate hanging arrangements can be adapted to almost any wedding style, from country garden, rustic, elegant or vintage.

Hanging tablescapes can be used over the tables at your reception, or event as a feature to decorate your ceremony area!

Hanging Foliage Wedding Ceremony Decor
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Hanging tablescapes are not only a stunning addition to your reception, and another way to add greenery to your wedding – but they can also be functional, help your large venue feel more intimate and comfortable for your guests by lowering the ceiling, and reducing vertical space.

Foliage is definitely king in 2017, and can add an effortless, luxurious air to your wedding ceremony decor and reception. Regardless of your chosen wedding style, wedding greenery can add another layer of beauty to an already magical day.