Event Decor

Macon Ga Florist Our primary focus is on Weddings and celebrated life events; however we will offer some truly unique gifts and floral designs during the Christmas Holiday Season and Valentine’s Day. Prom Design & Prom Florals Holiday Home & Tree Design Custom Holiday Gifts Celebration of Life Design Baby Shower Decor Valentine Floral Expressions

Bridal Bouquets

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Wedding Drapery

Transform a beautiful room into a spectacular and mindblowing one with elegant wedding drapes! At Southern Florals & Drapes we specialize in custom backdrops, ceiling drapes, room wraps, stage backdrops, stylish entryways and canopies to complement your theme or colors with a distinctive level of quality design. Delivering the absolute best look is vital to all of our designs, and that is why we have all of our drapes professionally cleaned and pressed after every event.

Wedding Flowers & Decor

Your wedding flowers & décor speak of your personal style as an individual, and as a joining of two into one.  They give you the opportunity to really impress the senses of your guest. We present only the freshest and most beautiful wedding florals that invoke emotions of love, joy, peace, and celebration with every design.  Macon Florist