5 Wedding Flower Trends To Watch For in 2017

Choosing the wedding flowers for your special day is a key part of planning any wedding! Few things have  as much impact on your weddings look,  feel, and ambiance as your wedding flower choices!

Beautiful blooms, breathtaking arrangements, and bold unique pairings can transform your event into a magical boho gathering, give it a touch of old world romance,  or call to mind the formal elegance of a traditional Victorian-style wedding.

So what wedding flower trends can you expect to see this year?

1) Bringing The Outdoors In – The Natural Look

One of the leading trends you can expect to see in 2017 is “bringing the outdoors in”, as couples lean towards a more natural, seemingly effortless look. This look combines large, over-sized foliage accented with  flowers, berries,  seed pods , and branches or twigs as accents.

This trend is especially popular with couples who would love an outdoor wedding, but are concerned about the weather ruining their special day.

macon floris - bohemian woodland florals

2) Garden Style – Informal Bouquets & Florals

Another aspect of ‘the natural’ look is one hard-to-miss trend –  the move away from tight, perfectly arranged florals  – towards the loose, informal, garden-style  bouquets.

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

3) Soft Color Palettes accented with Rich Pops of Color

Color palettes featuring soft creams, pastels and light pinks – with pops of brights are growing in popularity, and you can expect to see a lot more of it in 2017!

The arrangements feature primarily light, pale flowers, accented with the occasional pop of color –  fuschia, orange, red, deep green or blues create accents of color in this unique floral style.

Another commonly combined aspect of this look is the use of grays, and gray-blues, to really make the colors pop.

Garden Bouquet - Wedding Trends 2017

Wedding Flower Trends 2017


  4) Hanging Flowers – Canopies & Chandeliers

Hanging florals, such as canopies and chandeliers, are definitely on the rise. Bringing the floral decor a up a level, with accents that provide an added layer of elegance to the space.

Not only do these beautiful florals bring the eye up, filling some of the vertical space for a more intimate feel, they also look breathtaking in photos!


 5) Foliage, Foliage, Foliage!

From trailing Ivy, to laurel –  large leaves, ferns, branches, and buds are all in season in 2017.  The lush greens definitely add a ‘wow’ factor, not only bringing the outdoors in, but creating a magical woodland touch to indoor wedding ceremonies.

Another bonus, is that foliage can be a great way to make a wedding with a limited budget look luxurious! With a few flowers or berries as accents, this look is definitely one to look out for in the comming months!

Foliage - 2017 Wedding Trends