25 Wedding Drapery Ideas For Your Georgia Wedding

If you’re looking for a way to add an extra ‘Wow’ factor to your wedding or reception, Delicately decadent drapes, swaths of luxurious fabric, and magical lighting might be exactly what you need!

Draping has seen a huge comeback in recent years, with luxurious drapery softening edges, complementing elements, creating vertical interest, and adding a luxurious air to the ceremony, or reception.

Check out some if these stunning ways you can use drapery for your wedding or event!


Wedding Ceremony Drapery Ideas


Wedding Drapery With Twinkle Lights & Greenery
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Wedding Ceremony Drapery Industrial
Photo Courtesy of Blush + Whim Weddings
Wedding Ceremony Draping with Green Backdrop
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Blush Wedding Draping
Photo Courtesy of Pinterst
Wedding Draping with Floating Candles
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Reception & Event Drapery

Drapes can help create an intimate space for your reception party, jazz up the dance area, or create vertical accents creating an unforgettable feel.

Wedding Reception Drapery
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Drapery for Dance Area Wedding
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Wedding Drapery and Twinkle Lights
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Wedding Drapery Barn Reception
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Wedding Drapery
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Create An Entrance!

Drapery can create a jaw-dropping entrance to your reception or ceremony, transporting your guests into your dream event.

Wedding Drapery Entrance
Photo courtesy of Callaway Gable



Wedding Drapery Entrance
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Wedding Draping
Courtesy of Bob & Davis Photography

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