Get More Out of Your Georgia Garden With These 5 Spring Gardening Tips


Are you in the full spring fever mode, clearing your flower beds, trimming hedges, and planning new planting areas? If so, the following tips are for you!

Don’t worry, this isn’t another ‘clean your beds and mulch’ post, we know you know how to do that –  these simple gardening secrets can help take your landscape to the next level, providing year round interest for all to enjoy!  



Think ahead – Plant For all seasons

It’s no secret that spring is the planting season, with garden centers around the country laden with stunning spring blooming varieties like snapdragons, azaleas, and hydrangeas, but it’s important to plan for interest throughout the year.

If you are establishing new beds, try to choose a variety of complementing shrubs as a backdrop, to ensure interest throughout the growing season.  These can be complimented with seasonal annuals, such as pansies, impatiens, and mums, for yearlong color.


How About A Cutting Garden

Adding flowering plants that are good for cutting to your landscape is a great way to scrape some extra joy out of your landscaping dollars, after all little brightens a room like fresh cut flowers.

Consider incorporating some prolific bloomers that are great for cutting, and enjoy a year long supply of flowers for your home or office.  



Plant something for your kids

Portulaca is a prolific bloomer, that thrives where most plants couldn’t survive.

It’s no secret that kids love to pick flowers, so if you as a garden lover that hates seeing your precious blooms plucked by tiny hands, this tip is for you!  Planting beds of flowers that are pretty, colorful, and great bloomers, is one way to both provide your child with a never ending stream of ‘gift’ flowers, while protecting your rarer varieties.

Some excellent choices include pansies, Shasta daisies, marigolds, petunias, verbena, and portulaca. All these plants bloom profusely, and all season long, providing year long flowers for your kids to enjoy – and an alternative to your specialty perennials.


Fragrant Flowers & Aromatics

One often overlooked sense in the modern garden is the sense of smell! Choosing aromatic plants and fragrant flowers can add a new layer of enjoyment to your outdoor living spaces. Consider integrating a few fragrant flowering plants – such as fragrant roses, gardenia, and moon flower – or aromatic (such as peppermint, lavender, or chamomile) into your landscape or potted plants.


Besides adding an extra sensory layer to your garden, many aromatics are also pest repellents. Potted herbs, specifically Basil, lavender and rosemary, can help keep your deck insect free and make your outdoor living space more pleasant to use.


Work long hours? How about Night Flowering plants!

Moonflower have a stunning night show, and smell heavenly.

Do you work long hours and rarely have time to enjoy your outdoor living space? If so, incorporating night flowering specimens, such as moon flower, into your garden could be an excellent solution!

 Not only are many night flowering plants beautiful, but most are fragrant, ensuring you a beautiful outdoor experience regardless of what time it is!



These simple tips can help kick your landscaping up a notch, and help you and yours enjoy your outdoor living spaces all year long!


5 Easy to Grow Flowers For Your Georgia Cutting Garden

Few things do more to brighten a living space than a vase, or Mason jar, of fresh cut flowers! Believe it or not incorporating cutting flowers into your garden is actually pretty simple, and  inexpensive. The following list of flowers are not only great for cutting, with firm stems, long lasting blooms, long flowering season, and a wide variety of colors, but they can easily be incorporated into your homes landscape!

We’ve done the homework for you, and selected a list of plants that are hardy, heat tolerant, and will provide months of blooms for your home or office!



Zinnias are easily the hardest working summer flower!

These stunning annuals come in a huge selection of colors, from deep reds to white and pink. They also  bloom throughout the entire growing season until the first frost hits – giving you a source of fresh flowers for months!

With strong sturdy stems, huge bright flowers, and flowers that last up to a week cut, they are definitely one of our all-time favorites for cutting gardens.
Zinnias in Mason Jar


Few flowers scream ‘Country Charm’ more than Cosmos!

Another easy to grow option, cosmos come in a huge selection of colors.  Taller varieties are generally better for cutting, as the flower stems are larger, but shorter versions work well in mason jars or other similar containers.

Like zinnias, Cosmos are drought resistant and will provide you with continuous flowers till the first frost hits.

Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy Cut Flowers


This sunny flower brings with it all the innocence and joy or your traditional roadside daisy, but in a hardier, perennial package. It’s large white petals, and striking yellow disk florets, this beauty is guaranteed to be a ray of sunshine in any room.

The plant itself is compact, with dark green foliage, and a perfect fit to tuck into a formal garden.

The cut flowers can last over a week if properly cared for.


Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisies are commonly grown for their bright colors, and large, cheerful daisy-like blossoms.  Like Shasta Daisies, this South African native is a compact, neat plant, making it easy to incorporate into more formal gardens, or tuck into already established beds.

The large flowers on tall, leafless stalks will be an amazing addition to any home cutting garden.

When cut and prepared properly, Gerbera daisies can last over two weeks as cut flowers before wilting!



No cutting garden list would be complete without the mention of roses!

Roses have been a classic favorite for decades, and easily one of the most popular cut flowers.  If you’re fighting the urge to roll your eyes thinking of the black mold, and never ending pruning, no worries!


There are actually many excellent, hardy, rose varieties that make beautiful cut flowers and are easier to grow than the traditional Tea rose.

We suggest repeat flowering varieties to ensure season long flowers for your home.

*Click here for a list of roses recommended for Georgia.


Few flowers come in as many sizes & colors as Dahlias!

This Mexican Native species, and national flower of Mexico, is a favorite not only in home cutting gardens, but one of the most popular commercial cultivars for professional florists.

With blooms that range in size from 2” pom-pom style blooms, to giant blooms over 10” in diameter, this versatile flower can easily be used as a filler or as the focus of your arrangement.

Simple Dahlia Centerpiece

As a species native to hot climates, there are hundreds of varieties that thrive in the humid Georgia summers, and will provide you months of beautiful, long lasting blooms.


Filler Flowers & Foliage

White baby’s breath (gysophila) flowers with lavender.

Including some filler flowers, and plants with interesting foliage such as ferns, into your cutting garden plan is a great way to ensure you have everything you need for a beautiful country arrangement.

Great filler flowers that are hardy in the south include Baby’s Breath, yarrow, Queen Anne’s lace, goldenrod, Sanguisorba, and alliums. These will provide you with flowers and for most of the year. Dusty Miller, ivy, and Ferns make excellent choices for foliage, and can easily complement other garden foliage.

Dusty Miller

Brightening your home is easy to do with fresh cut flowers, straight from your own garden. Thankfully, incorporating flowers that are good for cutting into your landscape can be done easily, and relatively inexpensively! The flowers listed here are not only beautiful, but are hardy and well suited to your Georgia cutting garden.

25 Wedding Drapery Ideas For Your Georgia Wedding

If you’re looking for a way to add an extra ‘Wow’ factor to your wedding or reception, Delicately decadent drapes, swaths of luxurious fabric, and magical lighting might be exactly what you need!

Draping has seen a huge comeback in recent years, with luxurious drapery softening edges, complementing elements, creating vertical interest, and adding a luxurious air to the ceremony, or reception.

Check out some if these stunning ways you can use drapery for your wedding or event!


Wedding Ceremony Drapery Ideas


Wedding Drapery With Twinkle Lights & Greenery
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Wedding Ceremony Drapery Industrial
Photo Courtesy of Blush + Whim Weddings
Wedding Ceremony Draping with Green Backdrop
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Blush Wedding Draping
Photo Courtesy of Pinterst
Wedding Draping with Floating Candles
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Reception & Event Drapery

Drapes can help create an intimate space for your reception party, jazz up the dance area, or create vertical accents creating an unforgettable feel.

Wedding Reception Drapery
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Drapery for Dance Area Wedding
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Wedding Drapery and Twinkle Lights
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Wedding Drapery Barn Reception
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Wedding Drapery
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Create An Entrance!

Drapery can create a jaw-dropping entrance to your reception or ceremony, transporting your guests into your dream event.

Wedding Drapery Entrance
Photo courtesy of Callaway Gable



Wedding Drapery Entrance
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Wedding Draping
Courtesy of Bob & Davis Photography

Let’s Talk Foliage – Wedding Foliage Trends in 2017

Eucalyptus Table Runner - Wedding Florist

Lush greenery and a wide variety in foliage are one of 2017’s wedding trends we can’t get enough of! With so many stunning varieties available, providing a huge range of textures, colors, configurations and looks – this trend is one we hope is here to stay! Check out some of the up and coming wedding greenery looks, trends and uses that are taking the wedding world by storm in 2017.

Let’s talk greens! Get to know your wedding foliage

Before we get into some of the unique and breathtaking ways you can use foliage in your wedding décor, let’s talk leaves – after all, that’s what it’s all about!

Photo Courtesy of Amelia Johnson

Strong architectural leaves – think silver dollar eucalyptus, Salal, and Magnolia – are some of the most popular foliage options, and a growing trend this year. Their attention-grabbing size, strong lines, and rich colors add a modern touch to other popular styles, such as vintage and garden style floral décor.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Tropical looking foliage, particularly a wide variety of ferns or leaves with fern-link textures, are also big in 2017 – their wispy, soft look adding a feminine air, softening the harsher edges of larger leaves and foliage.

Fern wedding foliate
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Vine-like foliage – such as smilax – are another big player in the greenery game changer! Smilax boasts a stunning rich green color, with smooth shiny leaves, in an artistically perfect leaf arrangement – making it a natural favorite for garlands, climbing wall’s, wreaths, and runners!

Smilax Wedding Chair Decor
Photo courtesy of Pinterest


Macon Florist - Julie Dominy
Florals by Southern Florals & Drapes

macon floris - bohemian woodland florals

Foliage Wreaths

Wedding Wreath Inspiration
Photo Cred: Pinterest

It’s no joke – wedding wreaths are blowing up this year, with everything from delicate wreaths floating in air, to oversized picture frames (and everything in between) featured in weddings all over the country – and with good reason!

Romantic Wedding Wreath Ideas
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
Wedding Wreath - Macon Florist
photo courtesy of Pinterest

These show-stoppers are not only timeless, but lend that hard-earned and timeless effort of elegance to your wedding décor in the moment and forever in your pictures.

Wreaths can be used as table centerpieces, wall hangings, chair backs, or even as a standalone ceremony design features for an unforgettable backdrop!

Wedding Garlands  Macon Florist

Wedding Foliage - Macon Florist
Photo Cred Pinterest



Garlands in all shapes, sizes, configurations and placements are not only extremely popular, but absolutely stunning! Although most commonly used as centerpieces for the dining area, garlands really have so much more to offer – and brides are figuring that out as well.

Delicately draped on the Bride and Grooms chairs, lining the aisle, hanging over head a ceremony, complementing draped lines or effortlessly draped over the entrance – these beautiful foliage features are easily adapted to a variety of looks and styles, from vintage, to bohemian or modern.

Macon Wedding Florist - Garlands
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

A seeded eucalyptus runner makes a minimalistic, elegant décor option for your dining area.

Eucalyptus Table Runner - Wedding Florist

If you’re going for a vintage floral look, try a garland with a variety of textured foliage, interspersed with floral classics, designers can create a stunning shabby chic, or vintage look.

Macon Florist - Wedding Garlands
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Going for a Bohemian Forest feel? Try a mix of textures, greens, berries, and seed pods – the possibilities are literally endless!

Wedding Foliage – Indoor Wall Climbing Greenery

Another stunning foliage trend is bringing the outdoors in, and wall climbing foliage is one amazing way to do just that! Whether you feature a full wall of green, or spots of greenery magically sprouting at intervals, this feature will be one for the books!

Climbing Wall Foliage Wedding Florist
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Mimicking climbing vines, this look is perfect for brides who would love an outdoor wedding, but aren’t too keen on trusting Mother Nature to be kind.

Hanging Tablescapes – Wedding Foliage Décor

Hanging tablescapes are another wedding greenery trend that is hard not to love! These elaborate hanging arrangements can be adapted to almost any wedding style, from country garden, rustic, elegant or vintage.

Hanging tablescapes can be used over the tables at your reception, or event as a feature to decorate your ceremony area!

Hanging Foliage Wedding Ceremony Decor
Photo Cred: Pinterest

Hanging tablescapes are not only a stunning addition to your reception, and another way to add greenery to your wedding – but they can also be functional, help your large venue feel more intimate and comfortable for your guests by lowering the ceiling, and reducing vertical space.

Foliage is definitely king in 2017, and can add an effortless, luxurious air to your wedding ceremony decor and reception. Regardless of your chosen wedding style, wedding greenery can add another layer of beauty to an already magical day.

Wedding Budgets For Modern Brides

One of the most common misconceptions about wedding planning, is the idea that there is only one way to properly plan your budget, with specific percentages allotted to specific aspects of the event – catering, attire, flowers, venue, etc.

But is there really a wrong way to plan and budget for your dream wedding, or is the notion that there is only one way to skin the proverbial cat old fashioned and outdated?

Not shockingly, the answer is simple – there is no wrong way for you to budget for your wedding, and no one should feel forced to follow traditional budgeting guidelines if they don’t take into account the aspects of the wedding that you value the most.

Step Out of the Mold

As more brides step away from the old-fashioned ideas about wedding budget, and follow their gut, spending their budget on what they feel will make them happy.  For example, if having beautiful pictures is at the top of the list of what is important to you personally – investing in a top notch photographer, and the ambiance that will be photographed, would make much more sense than spending $85+ per person on food and drinks.

After all, while your guests might love the fancy food – if perfect pictures, a string quartet, or exotic, luxurious flowers are more important to you, then that’s where your money should go.

In short, there’s no reason you have to stick to old fashioned ideas about how you have to spend your money for your wedding – and there is no right and wrong way for you to make your day 100% yours.


You might be wondering where to go from here, if you throw the traditional budget percentages out the window, now what? Where should you start?

Now What? – Where To Start

Well, that’s the easy part – the best place to start is to think about what your dream wedding would look like, then plan accordingly!

If you haven’t already started dreaming – now is the time to do so!

Talk to your fiancée and decide what type of event you want to kick off your life together. Small and intimate, or large and exciting? Formal, modern with an urban feel, or a lovely garden event?

Once you’ve decided on the generalities you can start breaking down what is truly important to you as a couple, and plan and budget accordingly.

After all, no one knows better than you what you and your guests will enjoy, so take a leap – and step out of the mold to make your wedding day uniquely yours.



The key is to remember that there is no right or wrong way to spend your budget, so shake things up, and make your day one of the books!

Carnations – The Flower of Love

Delicately scented, frilly as a tutu, and available in every shade imaginable, carnations – the world’s most underrated blooms- are taking back their rightful place, as a flower not to be missed, one petal at a time.

And why not?

After all, the carnation is one of the most versatile flower choices, thanks to its durability, as well as its availability in almost every color and size.

Carnation Simple Bridal bouquet
Photo Cred: Pinterest

Believed to be one of the world’s oldest cultivars, the carnation is historically rich, with meaning and symbolism dating as far back as ancient Greece. Its scientific name – Dianthus – loosely translates to ‘Flower of Love’, or “Flower of the Gods”.  Carnations were commonly used in Greek ceremonial crowns, and is tied into legends dating back 2000 years.


Photo: Sierra Flower Finder
Photo: Pinterest

Although the original varieties were available in only pink, red  and white, today’s carnations come in hundreds of shades – from pure white, to purple, yellow, tans, black and even various multi-color mixes.

Photo: Sierra Flower Finder


Carnations can also be an affordable option if you’re operating on a tight budget, with many varieties and colors available for a relatively low cost. Of course, although many varieties of carnation are inexpensive, some of the new varieties sporting specialty colors, and extra frill, are definitely a luxury item!

Photo: Martha Stewart


Carnations are a perfect choice to include in your bridal bouquet, bouts and centerpieces. The blooms are not only stunning, but again durable and able to outlasting most other flowers.  They also dry well, keeping their color and form, making them a perfect choice for wedding keepsakes if you are so inclined.

Photo: Sierra Flower Finder

Many rare, vintage colored carnations have recently been added to this amazing floral masterpiece, many are seldom, if ever, seen in any other floral varieties, and can lend a sophisticated vintage air to your entire event.

Carnation Bridal Bouquet
Photo: Martha Stewart

With lace-colored petals gracing your bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres – you’ll wonder why carnations were ever considered filler flowers!

Other Uses for Carnations

Carnation Curtain
Photo Cred: Bloom Blog

Carnations are also perfect for use in floral dividers, curtains, and hanging floral chandeliers. The bright colors, large surface area and long lasting ability mean they will not only stay looking beautiful, bright and stunning, but also make a statement out of the gate and throughout your entire event, unlike many other flowers that would soon wilt or brown.

Carnations are definitely making a comeback in the wedding, and floral décor world! These often overlooked, and underrated flowers are making a long overdue revival, and for good reason! One of the oldest cultivars, these stunners are not only inexpensive and durable, but are also available in hundreds of rare, vibrant colors!  It’s no wonder they have been called the ‘Flower of the Gods’.


Carnation Wedding Centerpiece
Photo Cred: Martha Stewart



5 Wedding Flower Trends To Watch For in 2017

Choosing the wedding flowers for your special day is a key part of planning any wedding! Few things have  as much impact on your weddings look,  feel, and ambiance as your wedding flower choices!

Beautiful blooms, breathtaking arrangements, and bold unique pairings can transform your event into a magical boho gathering, give it a touch of old world romance,  or call to mind the formal elegance of a traditional Victorian-style wedding.

So what wedding flower trends can you expect to see this year?

1) Bringing The Outdoors In – The Natural Look

One of the leading trends you can expect to see in 2017 is “bringing the outdoors in”, as couples lean towards a more natural, seemingly effortless look. This look combines large, over-sized foliage accented with  flowers, berries,  seed pods , and branches or twigs as accents.

This trend is especially popular with couples who would love an outdoor wedding, but are concerned about the weather ruining their special day.

macon floris - bohemian woodland florals

2) Garden Style – Informal Bouquets & Florals

Another aspect of ‘the natural’ look is one hard-to-miss trend –  the move away from tight, perfectly arranged florals  – towards the loose, informal, garden-style  bouquets.

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

3) Soft Color Palettes accented with Rich Pops of Color

Color palettes featuring soft creams, pastels and light pinks – with pops of brights are growing in popularity, and you can expect to see a lot more of it in 2017!

The arrangements feature primarily light, pale flowers, accented with the occasional pop of color –  fuschia, orange, red, deep green or blues create accents of color in this unique floral style.

Another commonly combined aspect of this look is the use of grays, and gray-blues, to really make the colors pop.

Garden Bouquet - Wedding Trends 2017

Wedding Flower Trends 2017


  4) Hanging Flowers – Canopies & Chandeliers

Hanging florals, such as canopies and chandeliers, are definitely on the rise. Bringing the floral decor a up a level, with accents that provide an added layer of elegance to the space.

Not only do these beautiful florals bring the eye up, filling some of the vertical space for a more intimate feel, they also look breathtaking in photos!


 5) Foliage, Foliage, Foliage!

From trailing Ivy, to laurel –  large leaves, ferns, branches, and buds are all in season in 2017.  The lush greens definitely add a ‘wow’ factor, not only bringing the outdoors in, but creating a magical woodland touch to indoor wedding ceremonies.

Another bonus, is that foliage can be a great way to make a wedding with a limited budget look luxurious! With a few flowers or berries as accents, this look is definitely one to look out for in the comming months!

Foliage - 2017 Wedding Trends

Bohemian Wedding Florals – Derek & Kaitlyn

Macon Bridal Bouquet

One of the joys of floral decor has  always been the opportunity to lend your hand to something new, challenging, and ultimately breathtaking! I had the amazing opportunity to do just that by collaborating with the mother of our beautiful bride to create a Bohemian style wedding!

It was an honor to lend our teams floral decorating skills to fashion this BoHo Dream wedding.

In true Bohemian style,  this wedding had it all! Hosted at the stunning Estate at Stone Creek, the setting was the perfect backdrop for the woodland bohemian vision the bride had in mind. The  mix of deep crimson, blush,  lush greens and trailing Amaranthus displays many of the year’s trends in vintage floral designs.

macon florist

The Bridal Bouquet

The centerpiece and starting point, and easily the most important part, is the bridal bouquet, and this one had it all. This floral masterpiece features a perfect mix of old world elegance, meets new-world charm and sophistication, accented with pheasant feathers, and yes, antlers!

Bohemian Garden Bridal Bouquet


Macon Florist - BoHo Bridal Bouquet Dahlia Bridal Bouquet Macon

Bridesmaids Bouquets & Boutonnieres

The rest of the wedding followed the same beautiful bohemian style, bright crimson Dahlias, blush roses, lady’s mantel, trailing Amaranthus, lush greenery,  eucalyptus, pepperberries, wisteria pods and of course, pheasant, duck feather and antler accents.

The woodland bohemian feel is unmistakable, lending an air of free flowing and chic detail to this amazing vintage look.


Bridesmaids Bouquets
Bridesmaids Bouquet Bohemian
Bohemian Bridesmaids Bouquets

Bohemian Boutonniere

Bohemian Wedding Floral Decor & Accents

The theme carried throughout the wedding beautifully, with this lovely couple saying their ‘I Do’s’ under a breathtaking woodland arbor graced with trailing Amaranthus and lush greens which is ever more complemented by the stoic waters of Stone Creek Estate  – like something out of a fairy tale.  


 Boho Wedding Table Decor - Macon Florist

Table settings – Deer skull and antlers decorated with a crown of flowers served as one of the many centerpiece looks that harmonized the true uniqueness and Boho feel.

Wedding Table Florals

The main table centerpiece featured lush greens with crimson trailing Amaranthus, accented with gold, antlers and feather accents.

Flowers, Pepper Berries, and forest greens trail over the antlers for a avant-garde bohemian feel. 

Even the lighting was perfect for the bohemian wedding theme!

 Gold, Crimson and cotton came together with the forest greens for a magical vintage look.

Even the cake was beautifully decorated with floral by Slice Custom Cakes to carry the theme through.

Macon Wedding Flowers
macon florist - bohemian woodland floral mantle piece

This venues amazing stone fireplaces perfected the decor added of  various shaped vintage mirrors and a thick cascading garland of forest greenery.

Does it really get any better than this?

We were delighted to have the opportunity to help create this magical vision for this lovely couple!

Is bohemian style something you’d love? Comment your thoughts below!Florist – Southern Florals & Drapes

Venue – The Estate at Stone Creek

Photos By – Stephanie Lynn Photo

Cake By – Slice Custom Cakes

DJ – Legacy Events 119

Caterer – Nita’s Catering


Welcome To Our Blog!

garden style bridal bouquet with ferns

Welcome to the Southern Florals and Drapes blog. After researching how to blog, what is read the most and all the ins and outs I decided to make this platform about simply how we do life and the beautiful people places and flowers I see along the way.IMG_1714

No rules, and maybe even at times no rhyme or reason – just a glimpse at the things that touch my heart and inspire my mind.
No better place to start then in my own backyard….. literally! We created the perfect design studio right in the backyard of our home centrally located off Vineville Avenue in the great city of Macon Georgia. I am blessed to have my own little space to do what I love!

I have to say I do honestly love all things Flowers and I am just beginning my journey in this amazing industry.

IMG_1721If I had to pick I would say my favorite design style is a garden style.

I like to think it has a likeness to me. A little wild and different but fit together just right in a compilation of a  bunch of beautiful elements. I feel we all have a unique garden of different experiences, personality traits and passions that have been cut and shaped to make the perfect arrangement of your very own you.

garden style arrangement Image-1